FLOW! (finally – pillar #3)

Where we left off: “First off, an experience must have a very intentional flow to it; no dead moments, no awkward transitions, no obvious resets or pauses. The “flow experience” has the potential to make life more rich, intense and meaningful. You may be saying “WHOA really?!?” and/or “Yeah, right” – but a truly extraordinary experience has the ability to achieve magic. This process of flow is one of the most important elements in creating that magic.”


Flow is the optimal human experience. It is in-the-zone. It is on-fire. It is contentment, peace and productivity all rolled into one. You know the saying that time flies when you are having fun, well that is flow. This optimal state can be created in any number of ways and in all aspects of our lives, except that most human beings are not exceptionally adept at creating it for themselves.

So now we are all just bummed cause we are probably not one of the few humans who can create this type of productive bliss whenever we want it. But we want it! The key to creating a world that is overflowing with flow is for our environments and experiences to contribute its creation. When you create an intentional, extraordinary experience of flow for other people in the world you exponentially increase your capacity for impact. An experience of flow clears out the mind noise and gives you the kind of intellectual, decision making access you cannot achieve otherwise.

When you eliminate distractions, questions and frustrations, you create mind space. Have you ever experienced one of those days when everything is kind of going wrong, the trains aren’t running, your car breaks down, you have a report due, a big presentation etc and someone asks you to make a simple decision or to listen to their pitch about something – even IF you say yes to trying, you’re not actually paying attention…you’re just waiting for it to end. On the reverse side when you are relaxing on a lazy Saturday, were able to clear your schedule, everything is just moving a little slower you’re decision making power increases exponentially and in FACT you’re desire to encounter interesting information, new opportunities or spontaneous adventures is on high alert!

Imagine applying this concept to your next fundraiser….brand campaign…board meeting….launch party…(mind drift off in flow)

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