Impact Starts w/ Information (FLOW)

When we are talking about events, experiences or marketing, the pillar of FLOW begins with information. The media, order and density through which information is delivered to your guests is the absolute foundation for creating maximum impact. Your impact is dependent upon how a person experiences your event, which is directly correlated to the number of blocks or moments of mental checkout they experience throughout. This is your event, your product, your reputation – and you are responsible for the experience that people have when they encounter you. So make it intentional.  The goal should be to make every person feel taken care of, supported, safe and entertained – all at the same time and at every single moment (you cannot minimize the number of blocks if you fail to address all of them).

In this context, information refers to every type of communication associated with your event: From the very first invite to the “thank you for coming” and every tiny morsel in between.


Goldilocks Paradox

The amount of information delivered and at what time is KEY. If you provide too little – people are left confused or with annoying questions. You provide too much – cognitive overload – people either get overwhelmed and ignore 3/4 of what you say or just check out and decide not to even deal with you.

Don’t get stingy with the porridge and don’t give the house away!

The Matrix

In what order? This is all about sequencing. Decide what people need to know and when they need to know it. Different from above because this is not about how much information but the exact order of delivery. What information needs to be grouped together in order to make sense? When do people need to know what? How do you make people both feel comfortable and leave an air of mystery or excitement? How to you get people so excited they can’t hardly wait, without violating the Goldilocks Paradox and overloading them with facts? Make sure the most IMPORTANT information is always given first and always stands out. If people don’t know where to go….the rest is basically null and void.

Abandon the Curse of Knowledge and imagine you don’t know anything about your event, what would get you to RSVP?

Through the Looking Glass

Clarity is key. The way that you talk, the words you use, the syntax, the structure – are all sending subliminal signals and are up for interpretation. You may think you have a catchy tagline – and no one knows what it means. You may think your design and typography are brilliant and beautiful – except it’s so busy no one is going to read it. You may think you are delivering a call to action – but you are really asking people to do something without any connection to why they should.

FLOW is complex and requires EMPATHY

UPS or FedEX?

What is your mode of delivery? How many different platforms are you going to use? Note that there should be a legitimate reason for choosing one – not just because that is what most people do. Apply the pillars of Vision and Frame to inform your choices in a way that matches up with the experience of your entire event.

Email. Evite. Postcard. Eventbrite. Text Message. Poster. Facebook. Twitter. Website.

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