Ian Temple, COO, The Future Project
We hired Megan last year to help us create a memorable event for high school students—and she helped us spark a revolution   instead. Megan’s focus on every tiny little detail creates environments and experiences that are truly unforgettable, that have you gasping at surprises or taking delight in the unexpected at every turn. She has an incredible passion for taking “moon shots”—risking it all on a big idea that will take a great event or moment and make it extraordinary instead. And when she gets in the zone, she is a masterful conductor, coordinating complicated operations with ease and exactness—in a way that is completely hidden from the audience. Perhaps most important though is her core belief that the human should always be at the center of every experience, and that experiences should wake people up to their greatest promise and possibility. Megan’s passion, care and unabashed humanity make her a true master experience architect—and someone I would trust with any event or experience in the future.”
Timothy Shriver, Dream Director, The Lab School
“Megan: Thank you so much for dropping everything to support me and Lab in making Own It the greatest launch event ever. Your ridiculous attention to detail and ability to visualize the experience into the simplest and most powerful version possible was game changing for the event and for me personally. I learned so much working alongside you and felt an incredible confidence that whatever it was we created it was going to be magical.”

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